Is It Time to Replace Your Faulty Septic System?

We can handle the job in Chittenango, NY

A septic system collects all kinds of wastewater that comes from your household and can slowly deteriorate if not properly taken care of. If you need a professional to install a brand-new septic system on your Chittenango, NY property, turn to OSS Home Improvements & Property Solutions. We can install a wide range of septic systems, including traditional and above-ground. We can also install new leach fields or refresh your current septic system.

Contact us now at 315-750-6002 to learn more about our septic system services. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

Signs you need a new septic system

Are foul odors coming out of your drains or yard? It's probably time to call us for septic system replacement services. You should also reach out to us if:

  • Sewage is backing up into your sinks
  • You hear a gurgling sound coming from your pipes
  • There is standing water over your septic tank

If you're dealing with any of these issues, contact us now.